Pattern Your


Build up your skills, experience and confidence to turn your aspirations into reality. Level up on your career journey with this programme designed to shift mindset and catalyse growth.


Pattern Your Future

Pattern Your Future

A comprehensive career pathway program tailored for individuals aged 14 and above with a keen interest in pioneering creative industries such as Technology, Film & Production, and Music. Designed to overcome barriers stemming from limiting beliefs, knowledge gaps, and resource constraints, this initiative offers year-round support.

Through a combination of hands-on work experience, accredited courses, mentorship from industry professionals, and access to expansive networks, participants acquire invaluable industry insights and develop essential employability skills.We provide participants with the opportunity to aspire, gain first hand experience, and cultivate the necessary skills to thrive in their chosen career paths.


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Pattern Your Future

A tailored 12-week curriculum designed specifically for students navigating their transition years, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program is meticulously crafted to bridge the attainment gap by offering relatable role models, imparting essential life skills, fostering growth mindsets, and igniting aspirations through our purpose-driven well-being blueprint.

This initiative aims to empower young individuals to transition from a fixed mindset to one of growth, equipping them with the necessary tools to recognize and nurture their self-worth. Through personalized guidance, we support young people in unlocking their full potential across educational pursuits, career trajectories, and the journey into adulthood.

Overcome social barriers and acquire the resources to succeed academically, through curated guidance from this programme. Tailored to assist you to define identity, embrace personal challenges and to feel empowered on your journey into adulthood.

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